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QuaranPalooza: Playing For A Cause

Hi Friends!

This is a multi-performer, multi-genre livestreaming music festival extravaganza called QuaranPalooza. 30 fantastic (and very interesting and diverse) performers + 13 hours of live music. Performers from Italy, Taiwan, NYC, New Orleans, Nashville, North Carolina, Utah, NY, California, all over!

A ticket gets you onto The Zoom + into the party!!

Get a ticket and join us in The Zoom, and we'll donate 25% of ticket sales to Bay Area Cancer Connections! We have a goal of raising and donating $100, you can help make that happen by getting a ticket or can donate after clicking the tickets button.

Please get a ticket and join us in the Zoom!

The show will feature:

11:30-11:45 Ant Fujinaga

11:50-12:10 Karen Ballew

12:15-12:35 Craig Greenberg

12:40-1 Robin Henkel

1:05-1:20 Marji Zintz

1:25-1:40 Katie Jo Olsen

1:45-2:05 Andrew Kasab

2:10-2:25 Josh Needleman

2:30-2:45 Lisa Graciano

2:50-3:05 Daphne Parker Powell

3:10-3:30 Deborah Crooks

3:35-3:50 Zoe Carter

3:55-4:15 Bert Lee

4:20-4:50 David Gans

4:55-5:20 Eric Olson

5:25-5:45 Pat Nevins

5:50-6:05 Wilson Wong

6:10-6:30 Daniel Neihoff

6:35-7 Dore Coller

7:05-7:30 Dave & Ray’s Magic Record Shoppe

7:35-7:55 Sunny

8-8:25 Siena Christie

8:30-8:55 Anna Karney

9-9:25 Kevin Radley

9:30-9:50 Nikki Nash

9:55-10:15 J. Leigh Stone

10:20-10:40 David Jesitus

10:45-11:10 Frances Ancheta Becker

11:15-11:40 John Rybak

11:45-12:15 Mjoy

A $15 ticket gets you into the fest and onto The Zoom with us + we donate 25% of ticket sales to Bay Area Cancer Connections!

Event Page -> https://www.facebook.com/events/668051618303583