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These days, I am accepting that live, in-person performances are for a different time. I'm used to playing a lot for people in different venues (several shows every weekend in the "before times"), and I am accepting that online is my new venue, at least for now.

So, I plan to show up here (on Facebook & YouTube) most every Monday and play some music for you. You can hang out and watch the whole time or tune in and tune out. You can request songs (if you do it in advance, that'll give me a chance to learn it) or not! I love knowing you're there, so say "hi" in the comments. And, request a tune, if you want, and I'll try to do it! I love it when that happens!!! Here's to staying healthy and well and keeping each other healthy and well!!! Here's to appreciating all this...

And, I would like to invite you to please consider subscribing. Your monthly support will help me continue to create music on an ongoing basis. 

I set it up to be pay-what-you-want, and even $1 will help (especially if a lot of people chip in).  But, even if you don't, I still want you to enjoy the music! 

As a thank-you for your support and kindness, I will be editing the live-stream videos down to their individual songs so if there's a special song you want to hear, you won't have to listen to an entire 2- to 2-½-hour-long concert.  

Thank you so much for helping to support my career. I appreciate it more than I have words to say.