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Marji Zintz, vocalist & guitarist

Marji puts an indelibly personal stamp on songs from such diverse writers as Aimee Mann, Mark Knopfler, and George Gershwin...and accompanies her voice with sophisticated and skillful guitar work.”

— The Folk Project

Upcoming Shows...

Rail Trail Café with Becoming Human!!!

 — (EDT, UTC-04) — (EDT, UTC-04)

Rail Trail Café, 301 River Road Ext., New Paltz, NY

Becoming Human debuts at the Rail Trail Café! SONGS OF OBSERVATION, REALIZATION & TRANSFORMATION Vocalist/guitarist/percussionist Marji Zintz fronts Becoming Human, a trio (and sometimes quartet) performing music composed by guitarist Jim Kunkel and bassist Mickey Kopchak. They explore and inhabit many genres across the musical spectrum, from folk to jazz, modal to avant-garde, spiritual to classical to Brazilian. They honor the space and each other’s unique and evolving “voice,” creating and holding a fertile ground for conversation, interplay, improvisation, and emotion. Joining BH will be Larry Balestra on percussion!